Polski Magyar

We believe that wine is a living thing, and so we can best understand it if we see where it comes from. Therefore, weather permitting, we invite our guests to take a short tour of one of our vineyards in order for them to get closer to the volcanic rocks, to the Tokaj grape varieties, and to nature.
We as a family invite you to our new tasting area at 13 Széchenyi tér, Rátka 3908. In winter the provides a pleasant warmth, while during good weather we move out to the "winter garden" and can then make a short visit to our small cellar. The wines tasted vary according to request and the atmosphere, but we promise to introduce you to the dry and sweet wines of Tokaj and the Zemplén Hills, which are made from Muscat Lunel (sárgamuskotály), Furmint, Harslevelű, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.
Everyone in the Árvay family cooks instinctively, so as soon as guests feel hungry we are happy to prepare hot Hungarian bites or cold Swabian plates to accompany the wine.

Price of our winetastings:
5 wines: 4.500 HUF/person
Whole wineportfolio (10 wines): 9.000 HUF/person

Rátka is an ideal place to relax, to recharge, or to be active and go trekking. Stay for a few days - our friends in the Sváb Panzió guesthouse are happy to host travellers.

We highly recommend the following accommodation in the village:
Ezüstfenyő Panzió
Hegyalja Gyöngyszeme
Kékpárkány Vendégház
Mezősi Panzió
Sváb Panzió
Tulipánfa Panzió
Úrágya Vendégház, Mád

We highly recommend the following restaurants in the area:
Oroszlános Borvendéglő, Tállya
Anyukám mondta, Encs

Please let us know if you want to visit our family!
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Photo: Studio Bakos
Telephone: +36 30 3183380