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Currently we are exploring the characters and potentials of 6 vineyards in which we possess 17 hectares of land.

'Istenhegy' (Hill of God), Rátka
The soil was created when volcanic activity mixed with hot water turned into quartzite rocks. A significant proportion of the north-western part of the vineyard is a zeolite mix. We have found a fossilised axe from the Stone Age between the rows in the southern part. Vine training is mid-height cordon.
Wine: Pecsár Furmint 2009

'Padihegy' Rátka
Almost identical to Istenhegy in terms of soil and rocks. It is worth mentioning that there is a clearly visible trace of a geyser at the southern slope of the vineyard, and there is a significant amount of bentonite mineral. At the top of the hill over the quartzite rocks the actual soil is shallow and obsidian; wood opal has been found there. Vine training is mid-height or high cordon.
Wines: Hárslevelű 2009, IDD+ 2009, Late Harvest Furmint 2009, Édesem 2009

'Meggyes' Rátka
The Meggyes vineyard is located at the western part of Rátka. Our vineyard lies on the part of the plateau running from the east towards the south and west, where the sun reaches the slopes all through the day. The soil is grey forest soil mixed with pumice rhyolite tuff. Vine training is mid-height cordon.
Wine: Muscat 2009

'Középhegy' (Middle Hill), Rátka
The vineyard is located midway between Rátka and Mád. The soil is grey forest soil mixed with volcanic quartzite and its exposure is south-southwest. Vine training is mid-height cordon.
Wine: "Szabi" Furmint 2009

'Köves-Úrágya', Mád
The exposure is south-southwest. The soil is clay mixed with volcanic conglomerate; it has dramatic rocks and a high degree of minerality. Vine training is mid-height cordon.
Wine: Köves Furmint 2009

'Királyok', Mezőzombor
It is located with a view to the south and west. The soil is loam with many rock grains. Vine training is Head.

Photos: Studio Bakos

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