The land of our birth feeds us, body and soul. Each of our vines has a firm grip in the volcanic soil of the Tokaj wine region and we also have grown deep roots in its heart - our beautiful little home village of Rátka. The beauty of the landscape, the radiance of the rocks and the wine that is made here, all give us strength to keep on with our endeavour and make the best wine we can. Our work in making wines is not difficult; we only have to let the characters of our vineyards do their work with the help of mother nature. Despite our family making a brief detour to Tokaj our roots, instead of loosening, have become even stronger. We were merely listening to the call of the land of our birth when we decided to return to the place we know and love best.

János Árvay - master of all trades
'I was born in Rátka and I am really proud of this wonderful village. One of my first childhood memories is of being on top of a hill and looking down on an 80-120-year-old vineyard planted on volcanic, rocky soil and on the delicious sunny yellow grapes of Furmint. I never planned to be a winemaker; instead I was keen on chemistry and I wanted to make delectable chocolate. Fate obviously had a different idea; as a wedding gift we received 450 vine-stocks in the Meggyes vineyard from my father-in-law and from then on our little vineyard grew slowly, but steadily. I kept buying well-endowed parcels of land next to our existing ones. I gained a lot of experience at my first job with the state wine company, then at a French-owned vineyard, Disznókő, and all through the years I spent in Tokaj. After all this wine-making I came back to Rátka, to the family winery, because this is where I feel at home.'
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Mrs. Katalin Árvay - the stable background, the centre of the family, and the hostess for all guests
'I was also born in Rátka. I always associated grapes with work and early rising as we had a lot of land in the Meggyes, Turcsány and Kerektölgyes vineyards. From a young age we did everything from selecting shoots to pinching, and from tying to hoeing. Even with all this work, grapes somehow meant celebration for me. As the village fair got closer and closer our excitement would grow, as we knew we would get the best gift from Dad - we all got a bunch of grapes and that was the most precious thing we could ever receive.'

Angelika Árvay (AIWS) - marketing, sales, wine making, administration
'My father never encouraged me to follow him in his footsteps; that might be the reason why I only ended up in the family business after a few detours. Even though I have studied economics, my aim is simple - I would like to make wines that our friends and wine enthusiasts can enjoy. I am working hard to combine the extensive knowledge I received at the University of Miskolc with what I have learnt at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in London. I have had great experiences abroad. Nevertheless these trips have shown me that this is the only place where I would like to live.'
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Szabolcs Árvay - grape production, wine making, administration
'As a rebellious teenager all I wanted to do was run away; I had no interest in studying. It was only when I discovered the practicalities of making wine and bottling) that I thought I should formally learn about what I was actually doing. I already knew how to rack, strain and bottle wine when I went to school to be a wine technologist. have to thank my lovely bride, Réka, who helped me through all the exams and, although I have my certificate from school, my learning is far from being over! My dream is that one day I will hold a tasting in our cellar in English and for that I would like to get as much experience abroad as possible. Until then I get up early every morning, get on the tractor and go out to our vineyard. I am very proud that my first wine, "Szabi" Furmint, was recognised as one of the top 100 wines by the Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság!'

Photo: Studio Bakos
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